Alfons Walde im Dialog 09. February 2023 - 06. April 2023

About the exhibition

The Samuelis Baumgarte Gallery, Bielefeld, presents from 09 February to 06 April 2023 a dialogue between the Austrian modern classic Alfons Walde (1891-1958) and eight contemporary artists. The multi-faceted show of works thereby encompasses a wide range of styles and artistic approaches, each of which, however, deals with the mountain world at the core of your confrontations. In this exhibition, which has been carefully compiled by curator Dr. Sabine Fellner, Vienna, and spans a century, the mountain idyll is subjected to critical scrutiny.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 09 February 2023 at 7 pm with an introduction by Dr. Sabine Fellner, curator of the work presentation and art historian, Vienna. Accompanying the exhibition a catalog will be published.

Throughout his life, Alfons Walde has been preoccupied with man in the original environment of his Tyrolean homeland. His depictions of everyday and peasant life in the mountain world have made him one of the most important artists in the Alpine region to this day. His sunlit mountain worlds, which breathe a timeless stillness and clarity, have lost none of their power to this day. Walde's extraordinary depictions of mountain scenarios are painted with pure, almost unmixed colors, powerful, compact, formally reduced. This idiosyncratic, unmistakable painterly style develops haunting monumentality in both large and small formats. The mountain solitude he presents, interrupted only now and then by a quiet village, shows us how man still lived in respectful harmony with almost untouched nature and gains new topicality in view of the current ecological crisis.

The exhibition Alfons Walde in Dialogue juxtaposes for the first time in this diversity Alfons Walde's mountain landscapes, which were created about three generations ago, with artistic positions that currently deal with the mountain world. In view of the fundamental and irrevocable changes in our landscapes and the frightening consequences of the Anthropocene, the age in which man has become the determining factor of influence, a critical dialogue emerges that makes clear what we have already lost and what needs to be preserved and regained. In this sense, the presented positions are united by the vision of artistically reformulating an immediate, respectful relationship of man to nature.

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