Individual Art Concepts for exclusive Living

Would you like to fulfill your dream of having your own art collection, expand your existing collection with high-caliber artistic positions, or acquire a single work of art for your private residence, vacation property, or corporate premises?

Then you can rely on our more than 30 years of experience in strategic collection consulting in the international art market. With our worldwide network, experienced art historians and consultants, we develop individual art and collection concepts. These concepts meet the highest qualitative as well as aesthetic demands and offer sustainable investments in interaction with art, architecture, interior design as well as open space planning from the brainstorming to the implementation of the artworks.

Today, more than ever, the modern global art market requires a special flair for established and emerging artists. In addition, our team guarantees personal, individual and trustworthy advice in the search for outstanding works by the most important artists of the 20th/21st century. Intensive authenticity and provenance research are indispensable factors in this process, along with a value check. Our range of services naturally also includes simulations created by our interior designers, which give you the opportunity to assess the effect of a work of art in your rooms in advance.

Discretion is our lived self-conception as the fundamental basis of a serious, creative and fruitful art consulting. Let us together realize your desire to discover multifaceted artistic works and to develop a promising strategy of an art collection for you. We are happy to accompany you on your way to a new aesthetic quality of life and look forward to supporting you with our expertise wherever you need us.

Art Consulting for Private Clients

Our scope of services at a glance

Consultation and creation of a well-founded, individual art concept
Development of a sustainable collection strategy
Recommendation and placement of top works of the 20th/21st century
Simulation of the works in your premises
Cooperation with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and lighting designers, if desired, already in the planning and construction phase
Advice on framing, installation, lighting and conservation care issues
Technical support by experienced experts

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