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Individual Art Advice

Would you like to fulfill your dream of having your very own art collection, expand your existing collection with top-class art objects, or acquire your own unique artwork for your private property, holiday home or company premises?

Then you can rely on our more than 30 years experience of consultation in art strategy in the international art market. With our worldwide network of experienced art historians and consultants, we develop individual art and collection concepts. These fulfil both the highest quality and aesthetic requirements, and offer future-proof investments in keeping with art, architecture, interior design and open space planning, from ideation to implementation of the artwork.

More than ever, the modern global art market requires a special flair for established and upcoming artists. In addition, our team guarantees a personal, individual and confidential consultation in the search for outstanding works by the most important artists of the 20th /21 st Century. Intensive authenticity and provenance research are therefore essential factors, alongside an impairment test. Of course our range of services also includes simulations created by our interior designers, which give you the opportunity to imagine the impact of an artwork in your space in advance.

Discretion is the essence of our work and the foundation of a serious, creative and fruitful art consultation. Let’s make your dream come true together, to discover multifaceted artworks, and to develop a future-proof art strategy for your very own art collection. We would be pleased to accompany you on your path to a new aesthetic quality of life and look forward to supporting you with our expertise wherever you need us.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Consultation and creation of a well-founded, individual art concept for the purchase of artwork
  • Development of a sustainable collection strategy
  • Recommendation and placement of top works of art from the 20th/21st Century
  • Simulation of the artwork on your premises
  • Cooperation with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and light designers if required, even in the planning and construction phase
  • Consultation on matters of framing, installation, lighting and conservation
  • Technical support by experienced experts

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Initialisation a Dream

Start Collecting

It can be difficult to start and build up your own art collection, like making the first brush stroke on a blank canvas. Where should you start and what is the right piece of art for you? The first work of art you buy needn’t be a Picasso, but it can represent the start of a new passion. We’ll help channel your enthusiasm in a direction that’s unique to you - after all, art is always a very personal, emotional affair. Let us guide you through the art scene.

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Selected Masterpieces

Advanced Collecting - Viewing Room

Every art collection is a reflection of its owner, unfailingly unique and geared to their individual tastes. We’re here to provide you with strategic advice to enable you to consistently grow your collection. We can act as your discrete brokers, offering works of art which will retain their value and remain profitable in the long term, specially attuned to the style of your collection. We want your collection to give you a constant flow of inspiration, so you’re always able to discover something new in one of your paintings or sculptures.

Why not pay a visit to our Online Viewing Room, featuring exclusive, hand-picked masterpieces by distinguished artists, which change on a monthly basis? You can also browse our online selection, which explores a range of different ideas and concepts, from the comfort of your own home.

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Acquisition of Art Works

The acquisition of artworks is also an important part of our services besides our individual art concepts for the purchase of high quality and collectable artworks. To consider a possible purchase of your artwork we need all available information as well as good images, expertises and provenance.  We are looking forward to your offer of paintings, aquarelles and drawings, please no prints or editions, of e.g. the following artists.

Karel Appel, Hans Arp, Francis Bacon, George Braque, Georg Baselitz, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Max Beckmann, Fernando Botero, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Tony Cragg, Jim Dine, Max Ernst, Lyonel Feininger, Lucio Fontana, Sam Francis, Karl Otto Götz, Keith Haring, Barbara Hepworth, David Hockney, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Imi Knoebel, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Max Liebermann, Franz Marc, Marino Marini, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Henri Matisse, Gabriele Münter, Emil Nolde, Pablo Picasso, Otto Piene, Serge Poliakoff, Niki de Saint Phalle, Gerhard Richter, Christian Schad,  Egon Schiele, Bernard Schulze, Emil Schumacher, Frank Stella, Jean Tinguely, Fred Thieler, Günther Uecker, Andy Warhol. 

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