Dialogue of Light - Astrid Lowack | Adela Andea 26. February 2022 - 30. April 2022

  • Adela Andea, White Nebula, 2022, Plexiglas, Kaltkathoden-Fluoreszenzlampen, 300 × 100 × 100 cm

  • Adela Andea, Celestial Serenity, 2022, Plexiglas, Flex-Neon, Kaltkathoden-Fluoreszenzlampen, 90 × 55 × 50 cm

  • Adela Andea, Quasar Energy, 2022, Plexiglas, Kaltkathoden-Fluoreszenzlampen, Flex-Neon, LED Rotor, 130 cm × 80 cm × 40 cm

  • (Detail) Adela Andea, Quasar Energy, 2022, Plexiglas, Kaltkathoden-Fluoreszenzlampen, Flex-Neon, LED Rotor, 130 cm × 80 cm × 40 cm

About the exhibition

From February 26, 2022 to April 30, 2022, the Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Bielefeld, Germany, is presenting an extensive exhibition of works by Astrid Lowack in dialogue with light installations by the American artist Adela Andea. Under the title "Dialogue of Light", the works of both internationally successful artists interact with each other in their abstract and organic formal language. Light is the central point of departure for both artists. While Andea fills the room with organic light on the technical level using LED installations, Lowack uses this to create her abstract photographs. The formal language of both artists conveys feelings and moods that create a fascinating, poetic presence of subjective perspectives and emotional experiences in the photographs and installation sculptures shown.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 5 p.m. with an introduction by John Jaspers, Director of the Center for International Light Art Unna, and Alexander Baumgarte. Both artists are present. A catalog will accompany the exhibition.

Astrid Lowack was born in Bamberg in 1969 and has dedicated herself to photography since 2011. In the tradition of Impressionism, the works of the internationally aspiring artist deal with the play of light, shadow, water and movement, as in Whistling Sparrows, 2019, Print on Diasec, 160 x 160 cm. By concentrating on details and alienating them, the realistic photographic representation takes a back seat in favor of a multifaceted interpretation of the chaotic and structured abstraction of the light, as exemplified by works such as Society, 2018, Print on Diasec, 160 x 160 cm. The wide range of The photographic works shown also illustrate Lowack's diverse oeuvre, which has also received a great response in the art world through the most recent museum exhibitions in Dortmund, Passau and Herford.

These photographic artworks are presented in a dialogue with organic installations by Texas artist Adela Andea. With works such as On The Left Side Of Mercury, 2015, plexiglas, flex-Neon, cold cathode fluorescent lamps, 110cm x 50cm x 30cm, she is internationally known for her unique kinetic light sculptures. With the help of electronic components, lights, plastic and other industrially manufactured objects, Adela Andea creates futuristic ecosystems that move fluidly between organic forms and luminous technical structures. A highlight of the exhibition is the 3 x 3 meter light installation, specially developed by the artist for the gallery and integrated into the premises.

Not only in the history of photography, but also in the history of art, the varieties of light and shadow provided for compositions rich in variety again and again. With the inspiring exhibition "Dialogue of Light" experience a continuation of the worldwide tradition of exhibition history by two artists, who transform the gallery into a new space of imagination.

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