• Jarmo Mäkilä

    Europa, Europa
    2014, Öl auf Leinwand, 223 x 165 cm
  • Europa, Europa
    2014, Öl auf Leinwand, 223 x 165 cm
  • Midsummer Day
    2022, Öl auf Leinwand, 60 x 75 cm
  • Boy called Daisy
    2011, Öl auf Leinwand, 240 x 180 cm
  • Homecoming
    2017, Öl auf Leinwand, 150 x 120 cm


Jarmo Mäkilä’s boyhood-themed paintings can be interpreted as an investigation of the human condition, his throngs of boys symbolizing a multi-cloned self-image projected into a variety of different situations. His paintings incorporate elements from the artist’s personal history in a boyhood adventure tinged with hints of surrealism and symbolism.

For many years, Mäkilä has been immersed in portraying the psychological landscapes of childhood; youth for him represents a condition of anarchy – a time of unlimited adventure free of duty and responsibility. The boys in his paintings are lost in their own private worlds, like Peter Pan, or the Lost Boys, who never want to grow up.

In a career spanning 40 years, Mäkilä has earned himself an established place as one of Finland’s foremost artists and attracted widespread international interest with his boyhood paintings.

"Mäkilä's topics were generated from popular culture and the phenomenon of consumer society. His ability to couple images from the media with mythological themes made Jarmo Mäkilä one of the most significant postmodern artists in Finland."

Jarmo Mäkilä, 2010s ©Foto, Yle, ©Quotation, Studio Jarmo Mäkilä


Museum and single exhibitions (selection)


Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finnland


Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere, Finnland


LUX Art Institute, San Diego, USA


Pori art museum, Pori, Finland


Salo Art Museum, Salo, Finland


Helsinki City art Museum, Helsinki, Finland


Seinäjoki Art Hall, Seinäjoki, Finland


Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden


Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland


Varkaus Art Museum, Varkaus, Finland


Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland


Cathedral crypt, Helsinki, Finland