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Hans Kotter

5 a new work entitled »Big Bang … Interruption« (see. p. 10) invites us into another confusing game, presenting an everyday phenomenon in a fresh context. »It shows the snapshot of a disas- ter, but simultaneously highlights the evolution of something new and purportedly better«, Hans Kotter says and so addresses the fascination and beauty of catastrophe. Light – not only the instrument of artistic crea- tivity, but also a focusing spotlight on life, on society with all its weakenesses and vanities. A spotlight that causes us to blink and may hurt for a moment or two, but soon – with its aest- hetic qualities and irony – reconciles us to the world. As so often, therefore, here we should emulate Goethe, whose famous last words were a call for “More light!” Bettina Schulz BEYOND LIGHT „LINES“ / 2015 Plexiglas, Spiegel, Metall, LED, DMX-Steuerung / 2-teilig je 80 × 80 cm Edition 1+1 AP